Ultimate Gobustan National Park and Mud Volcanoes Tour

Located 40 miles away from the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, Gobustan National park was declared a world heritage center to preserve its beauty and wilderness. The park has enormous beauty to offer its tourists and has some real specimens of ancient carving, gas-stones and mud volcanoes. The carvings found here tell the story of animals, people, their battles and the several of forming life in this region of the world. Although the national park started receiving special importance from the government from the year 2006, it has started to become a tourist recently.

Tours such as City tours Baku for this place happen throughout the year and attract a huge crowd due to reasonable prices and the serene beauty of the place. To make sure you have a nice time at this world heritage site, below mentioned are some important points that you should know about the Gobustan tour. Have a look:

  • History:

You might find history boring and resent yourself from going to a place like this at first. However, when you start to dig deeper into the lives of the people who lived here, you might want to give it a second thought. The people and their struggles of living here were real and this place will give you a detailed insight into the various events that used to take place in the early days. You would get to learn about their culture, their festivities and the environment in which they lived.

  • Beautiful carvings:

A Gobustan National Park and Mud volcanoes Tour would introduce you to the best part about this place. The carvings are what give this national park its essence and importance. The way the stories of the people are engraved in the walls and rocks provide you a glimpse of art they followed and the style they loved. The carvings here are so beautiful that you might want to stay longer than you had planned and spend all your time staring at the art pieces the people have left behind. You would get to learn about the women of the place and the role they had to play in the pre-historic time.

  • Mud volcanoes:

Mud volcanoes are what attract tourists even more towards the Gabala tour. There are around 300 mud volcanoes here and you are required to climb up and get yourself covered in mud and excitement. If you are a trekker and love going for new experiences, this is the place for you. On your way up, you will get to feel the fresh breeze and the mud. You would be able to look at the setting sun and the blue sky. The scenes this place gives you are incomparable and you will cherish them for the rest of your life.

  • The natural world:

The flora and fauna of this place have something very different to offer you. By looking at the paintings and carvings that the people have left behind, you will find the early animals of the place very different from the present ones. The climate of the city has changed big time and now offers a different life to its inhabitants. However, the park provides you some beautiful creatures to look at and enjoy the astonishing views in their company.

Gobustan National Park is the ultimate travel choice of the year and should be planned as soon as possible if you want to get the best rates. A place where you will get to experience something completely different and satisfying is Gobustan National park. Make your bookings with City tours Baku today!

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