Why there is a need for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast Reduction is a procedure chosen by females who have very large breasts in proportion to their body shape. Large Breasts are accompanied with a lot of problems. They cause unnecessary attention, back, shoulder and neck pains and rashes on the skin.

Women find it difficult to fit into clothing, form fit dresses and sports bras. Bra Straps cause scars and rashes on shoulder and there is a difficulty in movement and exercising.  Maintaining a proper posture becomes a challenge. Along come sleeping difficulties, sagging breasts, downward looking nipples and lack of positive self image which leads to low self esteem.

If you are preparing yourself for female breast reduction surgery in case you are facing any of the above problems, please consult our breast reduction surgeon and let him examine you. After consultation and studying your medical history and condition he would be able to guide you on the treatment which is best suited as per your goals. If you are uncomfortable with saggy and loose breasts than a simple breast lift would do. Also different surgical procedures are available depending your age, amount of breast fat which needs to be reduced and your personal goals.

We will study if you are under some medications, suffering from heart conditions or smoking. Also our doctor will ask your symptoms and amount of physical and emotional discomfort you are facing due to large breasts.

You can go through client testimonies, before and after pictures and case studies and discuss openly about our success rate and client satisfaction post surgery. We will also discuss and educate you about pre and post operative guidelines and instructions, what to expect from the surgery, recovery period and precautions to be undertaken post recovery. We will also make you aware about any side effects you may encounter after the surgery and along with associated medication.

Once you have decided on surgery date the doctor will give you guidelines on preparations including foods or medicines to avoid.

Please note you are not a suitable candidate for breast reduction surgery if you are having one of these conditions.

  • If you have been lactating recently or currently
  • If you have a systemic illness like diabetes, hypertension or any kind of heart disease.
  • If you are smoking
  • Had not got your breasts evaluated for unidentified tissue masses and tiny calcifications.
  • If you don’t understand the technicalities or associated risks accompanied with a surgery.

After examination the surgeon can recommend one of the methods suiting your profile.

  • Inferior Pedicle Technique with Inverted :– T Incision:- A periareolar incision is made in the nipple and is extended downwards along the natural curve of the breast. The surgeon than removes the required amount of breast fat, gland and adipose skin the nipple areola complex is transposed to give breast an elevated experience.
  • Lollipop Incision or Vertical Scar Technique:- This procedure is best suited when there are small amount of internal tissues which need removal. Small incision scars in lateral and inferior areas of breast resulting in low amount of fat and glandular removal but very small incision scars.
  • Liposcution: – This treatment is for women with breasts are majorly formed of adipose tissue with elastic skin envelope. In this technique also a very small incision is made but it’s very advantageous as the recovery times are lot faster although with a possibility of limited amount of breast tissue removal.

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