Hypochlorous Acid Uses that Might Surprise You

When we think of acids, the first thing that comes to mind is the substance that can give a burning sensation to human skin. Science learners may take them to be something that has a pH of less than 7. Early learners may classify them as substances that turn blue litmus red. Chefs may classify them into sour-tasting substances like vinegar. But one may be overwhelmed to know that acid is something more than all these things. Acid is something that has set its place in every countable stream in this world.It can be seen with the beauticians, cleaners, students, and every common man. One such important acid that has a versatile function is Hypochlorous Acid. One can find Hypochlorous acid cleaner, disinfectant, sanitizer, deodorants, etc. Clean republic the one spot place for all HOCL products.


Hypochlorous Acid is an acid that is formed when chlorine dissolves in water. It is usually a weak acid and therefore is not much harmful. It is also called as chloric acid and structurally as chloric hydroxide. The structure of the acid consists of oxygen connected to hydrogen and chlorine with a single bond. To prepare the acid in the laboratory, chlorine is dissolved in water and it gives rise to HOCL and HCl. As it is difficult to separate, extracting the HOCL is easier when di-chlorine monoxide is dissolved in water. Being a safe acid, even the human body produces it when it needs to strengthen its immune system against intruders.

Uses of Hypochlorous Acid

There are several uses of Hypochlorous Acid. They include:

  • Hypochlorous acid disinfectant is one of the most important uses of HOCL. Just as it protects the human body to fight infection, it is equally important in fighting against infection against a wide range of bacteria. It can be used as a disinfectant for floors during mopping or dusting surfaces.
  • HOCL is also used in a wide range of beauty products, including skin cleansing agents and deodorants, etc. that not just promise to take good care of the skin but also protects it from several infections and troubles.
  • HOCL is also widely used in the bleach industry to make bleaches due to its high oxidizing agents. They cannot just be used for their germicidal properties but can also be used for removing hard stains from surfaces etc.
  • HOCL sanitizer made is used for domestic, public and industrial purposes. The high sanitizing properties find their purpose in sanitizing the swimming pools, hands, and gadgets. These are not just the most effective but also the safest ones.

Where to find them?

Products of HOCL may not be very difficult to find. They are easily available in all kinds of general stores, medical stores, and online stores. The only caution that one might keep in mind is choosing the right and proper product. Choosing an expired product may lead to a non-satisfactory product. It is also possible that it might not be strong enough. Therefore every Hypochlorous Acid products like HOCL sanitizer, disinfectants, cleaners, etc must be bought after a proper review and customer rating if from an online store. If from a local store, the shopkeeper might let one know the best of all products. For those who arehunting for the first time, the clean republic may give you offers that one might never have got!

Hypochlorous Acid is a commonly made acid that has evolved with several components to walk with the time. It helps in the making of very important products finding its way to people’s lives and helping them in easing their lives.

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