Healthy Lips- happy lips

Lips are a unique, delicate, and fragile part of the face. The skin of the lips is thinner and soft than the skin of the other body parts. The color of the lips is the color of blood vessels because the skin of the lips is round 4 to 5 layers thick only. They are extremely sensitive to cold, heat, and other weather conditions because of millions of nerve endings in them. Your lips need to be taken good care of because lovely lips add charm to your face. You use various lip balms, lipsticks, etc. to make your lips look beautiful. But what would happen if something goes wrong with your lips? You may lose your confidence and feel uncomfortable.

Various problems like split or chapped lips, sores, inflammation, fungal infections, etc. can be caused if lips are not taken care of properly. These problems can be painful because lips are used for speaking, eating, drinking, and most importantly smiling and laughing. Regularly moisturize and exfoliate your lips to get rid of split and chapped lips. For treating fungal infections use antifungal lip ointment as prescribed by physician.

Fungal infection on the lips could be embarrassing as it can affect your looks and you may feel anxious and self-critical. It occurs mostly due to low levels of immunity in the body. It could be due to Candid yeast which impacts lips or Monilia Albicans which affects inner part of lips and mouth. The excess growth of yeast in the body is due to imbalance. A person suffering from diabetes is prone to yeast infection. Smokers are also vulnerable to such conditions. It could further spread to food pipe if not treated on time. It causes pain,cracking, and inflammation in the corner of the lips. Angular cheilitis and Angular Stomatitis is another type of lip fungal infection caused due to deficiency of Riboflavin. It often affects the people living in cold regions.

Symptoms of fungal infections of lip include burning sensation, swelling, sores, weakness, and blisters. Reasons of lip fungal infection can be poor nutrition, alcohol consumption, use of lip balms or lipsticks with harmful chemicals, lack of blood flow to lips, deficiency of iron, vitamin E and B12, weather condition, or wearing of dentures.

To cure such infections one must use antifungal cream for lips as prescribed by the physician as it would help in healing the infection, drink plenty of water, avoid consumption of spicy food, controlling the excess sugar intake as it will helpin yeast growth, proper oral hygiene should be maintained and avoid bitting or licking of lips. Some home remedies can be beneficial like coconut oil or tea tree oilcan be applied on affected areas or applying yogurt to the affected areas would also give relief as the presence of bacteria in the curd would help to treat such infections.Lips need extra care because of their sensitivity. Take proper care of your lips as healthy lips are a reason of your happiness and confidence.

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