What Are Some Good Advertising Tactics for Mobile?

Mobile phones have been central to the rapid growth of internet users in the past decade. They have done in a short time what desktop computers couldn’t manage for over two decades. The ease of using smartphones over desktops has been a key reason behind their wide acceptance.

The increased use of smartphones has also meant that marketers have had to develop outreach strategies for mobile devices. It is important to remember that marketing and advertising on mobile devices is not the same as on other digital platforms. Only capable marketers understand the different tactics that are involves in marketing on mobile devices. In this article, we discuss some good advertising tactics for mobile marketing.

Use Ad Extensions                                                                                                            

When deploying mobile ads on platforms like search engines and social media, don’t forget to add an ad extension. Doing so is important for many reasons.

The purpose of posting any ad is to make the one seeing the ad perform an action. Most of time when someone sees an ad and likes what the ad is saying, he/she has no other recourse but to click on the ad.

This clicking on the ad is a needless complication many interested prospects run away from. Nobody likes clicking on an ad.

An ad extension is designed to perform a very specific function. It can be used to place a call, visit the product/money page, or enter contact information. Thus, the ad manages to accomplish its goal without troubling audience either.

Use Native Ads More

As marketing involves, the role of interruption ads will wither away as platforms begin to honor user experience above all else. This would mean even mobile ads would be under attack. To solve this problem, marketers can start using native ads more. Native ads refer to adverts that seamlessly mix with the native UI of the platform and appear like native content and not an ad.

In Conclusion

The ubiquity of smartphones in the past ten years has changed the marketing landscape forever. As per their job, marketers have to reach the target audience in the best medium possible. The increased use of mobile mandates marketers to turn their attention to fields like mobile marketing and advertising. However, many marketers falter and fall in their attempts to deploy mobile marketing. In this article, we discuss some good advertising tactics for mobile.

About the Author- Arvind Shekhar is a well-known marketing strategist and author who has been in the industry for over ten years. He is also a well-known blogger and writes guest posts for popular names in the marketing space like One of the best known places to take up a digital marketing course in Delhi, is also known for other programs in business analytics and cybersecurity.

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