5 Tips For Re-Using Plastic Bags

Now more than ever it’s imperative that we make changes in our day to day lives to help save the planet and the environment. With even the smallest changes contributing to helping the world around us, it’s important that we all find ways to play our part. Reusing printed plastic bags is an easy way to do this. Not only is it eco-friendly, but beneficial for businesses too who are looking to increase their brand awareness, as the branding on the bags can be showcased even if the bag is made into something else. So, how can you re-use plastic bags? Let’s take a closer look, below.

Protect Fragile Items

If you’re moving house or your office is relocating, worrying about the fragile items during transit can be stressful. As all the boxes are put into the removal lorry, despite being labelled ‘fragile’, sometimes accidents can happen and items can get damaged. In turn, this can cost a lot of money to fix. However, you can use plastic bags that you no longer need to wrap fragile items in for additional protection during the journey. Once you have used them and the move is successfully over, you can put the bags aside for another day.

Around The House

Plastic bags can be used to store items in around the house, whether you store makeup items that you are no longer using, pegs for the washing line, or even other plastic bags, they can be versatile around the house. If they are printed then they will have an engaging design on the side, so they won’t have an unappealing aesthetic that will look bad in your property. The plastic bags are also ideal to use to store de-icer, ice scrapers and other car-related items in your vehicle, so you don’t have to get the car wet or dirty when the ice melts to water, but you have the equipment on hand if you need it.

Perfect For Small Bins

Plastic bags can also be utilised in small bins that you find in the bathroom, in your bedroom or in your office space, instead of using a big bin bag and thus saving you money.

Create A Mini Greenhouse

By simply pairing a plastic bag and a planter together you can create a mini greenhouse. Simply plant the seeds into a container or bucket and add sticks into the soil. Next, place a plastic bag over the top, but ensure that this is done loosely. You will need to make sure that the bag is kept in place by using duct tape to seal it to the container. You can remove the duct tape once the sprouts are large enough.

Use In Your Holiday Suitcase

Plastic bags are ideal for reusing in your holiday suitcase. Whether you use them in your bag to protect liquids, including shampoo bottles and perfumes or even to put dirty shoes in, these bags are very versatile to take on holiday with you.

Hopefully, these 5 easy tips for re-using plastic bags will encourage you and your customers to help the environment. You can be as creative you want when reusing plastic bags, as they can be turned into a variety of different things!

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